Toy Story Mania Party Printables

For Jason’s recent Toy Story Mania party, I created the invites, signage and cupcake toppers. I’ve posted the files below for anyone planning a similar party.


A customizable PSD template, along with instructions for downloading the fonts, are available in this post.

Activities Signage

Cupcake Toppers

Toy Story Alien Cupcake Toppers

To create the cupcake toppers, I printed the above sheet of alien faces and cut them out using a 1″ circle punch. Using light blue paper, I cut 16 squares measuring 1 1/2″ each. I glued each of the alien faces onto a square, inserting a toothpick between the two layers. I also used a rounded corner punch to round the corners of the blue paper.


3 thoughts on “Toy Story Mania Party Printables

  1. love it all! I especially love the invite. My son is obsessed with the toy story ride at disney as well. We just went in August. I clicked to download the template but it didn’t work. COuld you please email it to me.

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