Halloween, Part 1

We kicked off the Halloween festivities this week by bringing J+J to a family Halloween party at our work. After much discussion over the past few weeks about what to be for Halloween, Jason decided on Darth Vader – a role he plays very well. Jenna chose a Storm Trooper and later wanted to specify that she was a “girl Storm Trooper,” possibly because of a woman she overheard at Target telling her kids that the costumes in the Star Wars aisle were ‘for boys only.’

During the party, Jenna wasn’t feeling well and didn’t want to wear her helmet, causing her costume to consist of little more than a pink tutu and gun. “Oh look, it’s a gun-toting ballerina.” Luckily, no one actually commented or asked what she was.

Meanwhile, Jason got more than a few questioning looks when people offered him candy and he immediately responded with “is it dye-free?”

I suppose in my coworkers’ minds, we’re a family of health nut NRA supporters.


One thought on “Halloween, Part 1

  1. The little ghost paper-mache craft is well worth the effort. It’s messy but fun.
    We use to make these in school before they stopped letting us have Holloween
    projects. The whole classroom use to make one to take home. Happy Ghosting. -Aunt May

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