Halloween Craft: Papier-Mache Ghosts

Jenna and I made papier-mache ghosts this weekend. It was a huge mess, but lots of fun.

Here’s how we made them:

First, we assembled the materials:

  • Elmers Glue
  • Printer Paper, cut into strips
  • Tissue Paper, cut into strips
  • Doilies, cut into small, irregular pieces
  • Small Dixie cups

I put a layer of wet (with water, not glue) paper strips over the cup to form a base.

Next, I made a mixture of half glue, half water in a shallow bowl and covered the base in a couple of layers of printer paper strips.

Then I gave the form to Jenna and let her pile on more and more paper strips, tissue paper and doilies.

We let the shapes dry for several hours.

Once the shapes were almost dry, I cut out eyes and mouths and let Jenna glue the faces to the ghosts. I let the ghosts dry until firm, then removed the inside Dixie cups.


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