Dollhouse Update and Mirror Mini Tutorial

This week in the dollhouse challenge: some paint and wallpaper decisions, a new mirror and acknowledging my limitations.

I finally committed to a paint color – a mix of brown, gray and white – for the upstairs room, and I added the wallpaper to the living room – as in, it’s glued now and there’s no going back. The polka dot paper is sized and ready for glueing and I think I should do it now before I lose my nerve. I thought decorating a dollhouse would be like designing a website. But making decisions in the real (um, dollhouse) world is much more permanent, and I’m constantly afraid of doing something I’ll regret.

I also made a new mirror for the living room, which has really tall walls and needs some needs something to break up the space. I saw this Jonathan Adler-inspired dollhouse decor and thought the mirror design would work well for my dollhouse. Now I’m wondering if it’s too violent looking for a child’s dollhouse. See there’s that regret  again.

I made the mirror using toothpicks and a small craft mirror:

Here’s the finished product in the living room:

And finally, I’m realizing that making dollhouse furniture is much harder than I thought. I think the living room sofa (and maybe a few other large furniture items) will need to be purchased. I’m going to stick to the small stuff like mirrors, tables, lamps and art.


4 thoughts on “Dollhouse Update and Mirror Mini Tutorial

  1. The wallpaper looks good – love the polka dots. And so does the mirror. I feel your pain – I picked out wallpaper for my house and am almost scared to put it in. I just like waaaay too many different styles……

  2. Julee, this is awesome! Don’t give up on the furniture just yet! If you can glue tiny toothpicks in such a precise geometric array, you are more than qualified to model furniture.

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