Friday Favorites

  • For anyone in the DFW area, TinyDallas is hosting a tour of the Mark Bradford exhibit followed by an art imitation project for kids this weekend. As much as I’d love to go, I think Jenna is too young for the museum tour portion of the event. Maybe next year.  (image above courtesy The Saatchi Gallery)
  • Have you seen the site Built by Kids? What an amazing collection of hands-on activities for kids. The cardboard castle is definitely on my list for this fall when boxes and boxes start showing up on my door step.
  • An expo dedicated to washi tape? Sign me up and fly me to Tokyo! (via Poppytalk).
  • Jenna was sad to see our Halloween garland taken down from the fireplace. Maybe we’ll replace it with this leaf garland or maybe we’ll make our own.

2 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. Thanks for posting about our tinyDallas event! Just to encourage you to come… the tour of the show will be fairly self-led — I’ll pretty much just give a little talk about what to look for in the paintings and then leave everyone to their own devices, as I know museums can be rough for the littles. There will be lots of other toddlers there, too! Or, if you’d rather, feel free to skip the museum and just meet us at Bows and Arrows around 2:15. We’d love to see you there! We’ll have warm hot chococlate, actually…

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