DIY Snowflake Glitter Gift Tags

Holiday crafting is in full swing at our house, and with Jenna becoming a dedicated little artist, I have a very willing partner in crime craft. This week I used some of the clay left over from our beaded necklaces to make a few gift tags. These are super easy to make and could be used for ornaments as well.


103 thoughts on “DIY Snowflake Glitter Gift Tags

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  2. You know, you make it look so darn easy — but my house would be wall-to-wall glitter at the end of this project! What the heck is up with the fact that glitter migrates the second it is released from its home?

    Beautiful gift tags — truly — even though I’m skeptical of the glitter…


    • I think this would totally work as a keychain. You can always roll out the clay a little thicker so it won’t break. I’ve also made beads out of the same clay, and those have held up really well.

  3. Very cute! I just might try this.

    I know what you mean about the glitter; I’m making our Christmas cards and there is glitter everywhere – no 3-year-old involvement either! : )

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    • I appreciate your honesty … and I’m happy to hear that these little snowflakes won you over in the end! Thanks for visiting.

  5. Nice idea! And very pretty.

    One Christmas many moons ago, I wrapped a present for my boyfriend’s mother in a way we all thought beautiful: two sheets of red semiopaque acetate with a handful of tinsel held between them. It was gorgeous, but boy, was she not pleased when the tinsel dropped in her lap as she opened the present! Thus, I will not do this again for someone who has no sense of humor. : )

  6. Such a clever and apt idea!

    I think I will do something similar, you’ve inspired me!

    Saw the other post just about, about the beaded necklace…Very funky indeed. Strangely though, they look edible O.o Hehe

    • I actually tried writing a name using a silver Sharpie marker. It definitely worked, but I think I’m going to buy a nice metallic paint pen to use the next time.

    • Yes, you can definitely write on them. I used a Sharpie, but a nicer paint pen from an art/craft store would probably be better.

  7. Have you heard about the pintrest scandal about DIY gift tags that look very much like these? Someone swiped a pic from an artist webpage and then posted a salt dough receipe under it. The tags were actually earthenware clay as yours may be and because pintrest always credits the original website for pins, the artist page was bombarded with would be DIYers, who’s salt dough receipe didn’t turn out. I wrote it up on my blog and there is a link to the artist website there.

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  9. That is pretty creative maybe I will have to get myself over to Michaels or JoAnn and pick up some clay and beautiful wrapping paper and just have a nice crafty day.

  10. Thank you everyone for all of your wonderful comments. I loved being ‘Freshly Pressed’ and amazed by the overwhelming response. Happy Holidays!!!

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