Graffiti Gift Wrap

What fun this was! I had no idea when I taped half a roll of gift wrap to the floor and put out a few paint brushes, stamps and a selection of paint that J+J would be so thrilled. I was hoping to have enough gift wrap for grandma and grandpa’s presents, but based on the painting party that ensued, I think I could wrap nearly everything under the tree with their designs.

Here’s how the scene went down:

5 thoughts on “Graffiti Gift Wrap

    • Thanks, Christina! I think pet prints would make awesome gift wrap too. In fact, I think my kids would have preferred using their hands and feet for this activity.

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  2. I’ve been doing this with students for a long time! Love it! When I have left over paint that would be difficult to pour back in the bottle at the end of my art classes I try to paint too before I finish clean up for the day! Just was wrapping presents this evening with some of my paint experiments!

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