Polymer Clay Love and a Neapolitan Necklace

Working with polymer clay is somewhat addictive. It started with these simple necklaces that Jenna and I made recently, and then I moved on to gift tags. Now, I’m hooked. This weekend we made a few more gift tags, and craft-adverse Jason even got in on the action. Probably because I never let him play with play-doh. I can’t stand the smell. Polymer clay is much like play-doh in that it’s really easy to manipulate, but it doesn’t break apart as easily (and end up all over the floor) and it doesn’t smell.

My latest project is this necklace, which I made while the kids weren’t looking. They have a habit of taking over every project I start, and while I appreciate their enthusiasm, sometimes I just want to color my own Hello Kitty picture. Or make my own necklace, like this:


2 thoughts on “Polymer Clay Love and a Neapolitan Necklace

  1. I introduced my kids to polymer clay beads this spring…between the three of them (15, 7, 4) they made tons of beads.

    some became necklaces, some were hung on cording and decorate curtain rods, and some were flattened to “button” like shapes just for playing with.

    Easy, not terribly expensive, but a wealth of creative possibilities (and hours and hours of fun!)


    • I just started working with polymer clay a few weeks ago and I love it. Even my son, who doesn’t usually want to focus on craft activities, loves making things. I think we have hours and hours of fun ahead of us too. Thanks for visiting!

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