What To Do With: Stick + Stones

My kids often start collecting something (rocks, acorns, leaves, etc.) that I keep for awhile with the idea of developing a creatively genius craft to do with them. Honestly, I’d even settle for a moderately entertaining craft. But in the end, the need to clear away clutter wins out and I end up throwing things away. To get ahead of the game (or maybe just to always appear creatively genius), I thought I’d work on a series of posts centered around a specific material and what to do with it. I’m hoping this will also help lessen my stockpile of leftover art and craft supplies … 10 things to do with paper towel rolls, pipe cleaners, bubble wrap … my list goes on and on.

First up, stick and stones.


1: Embroidery Thread Branches

2: Painted Branch Centerpiece, Rock Dominoes

3: Paper Craft Tree, Stick Cubes

4: Painted Branch Necklace

5: Painted Rocks, Rock Photo Display

6: Alphabet Rocks, Rock Figures


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