Winter Wine Gift Wrap

I don’t know how to knit, but I adore all of the sweater-like sleeves showing up on home accessories, like this vase or this coffee cozy.  Last weekend, I needed an easy idea for wrapping a bottle of wine to take to a party and realized that I could use a  similar technique to give the bottle a festive, wintery look. And, it didn’t involve any knitting!

I started with an old sweater that I no longer wear.

I cut the sleeve, turned it inside out and tied the cut end with a piece of yarn.

Next, I made a pom pom using this great tutorial from Creature Comforts.

I placed the wine bottle into the sleeve and tied the pom pom to the neck of the bottle (and attached a small gift tag).

12 thoughts on “Winter Wine Gift Wrap

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  2. Hi, things like this are why I LOVE the internet! Luckily I have been thinking ahead to winter/Christmas crafts (it’s August) and while doing my garage-‘sailing’ I have picked up several sweaters that I have chosen for their color or design – not so much for wear. I just bought 4 sweaters ($1 apiece!) and one looks just like the sweater you used! I give wine as Christmas gifts to family members each year – no more dollar store bags– can’t wait to do this! Thank you for sharing your idea and creation!

    • The wine bottle has an indentation in the bottom of the bottle and I was able to place the excess sweater inside, so it was able to stand upright.

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