Weekend Top 5: At Night

I have a pretty good camera, but instead of taking advantage of all of the features and settings, I mostly shoot in automatic. I use the kids as an excuse – they move too quickly for me to be adjusting things – but, in truth, I just don’t like the results as much when I shoot in manual mode. I’m trying to change that, and this weekend I spent a bit of time getting better at ‘the camera.’ Low-light situations are especially hard for me, so I mostly focused on night shots – which includes early morning since my kids are up before daylight. In fact, a couple of my favorite shots are from this morning’s Candy Cane Hunt, which might just be a new annual tradition. My husband and I invented it as one of our advent calendar activities, but J+J loved it so much we’ll probably bring it back next year.


3 thoughts on “Weekend Top 5: At Night

  1. Haha great post. That sounds like fun, what did you do for the candy cane hunt?
    That was a stupid x 2 question.
    Oh well… How do you do that effect with your camera where it blurs the background, and focuses on the foreground? I was trying to do that when i was taking pics for a craft i did (in post on my blog!) And it wasn’t working. I have the Nikon CoolPix S205. Thanks!
    -Haleigh ❤ 🙂

    • Hi Haleigh – yes, as you probably guessed the candy cane hunt involved hiding candy canes throughout the house and letting the kids find them. Nothing more inventive 😉

      Can you manually adjust the aperture setting on your camera? I looked up the CoolPix on Amazon, but I can’t tell from the description. To get the ‘focus in the foreground, blurry in the background’ effect, I set my aperture to f/2 or f/2.8. This allows only things very close to the lens to appear in focus and everything else is blurry. Hope that helps!

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