Fringed Paper Tree Village

This craft is super easy and can be done with material you likely have on hand. The results are a bit quirky and fun. I started out thinking I would arrange them as a centerpiece on our kitchen table, but now I think I’ll use them for holiday gift wrap.

I started with a paper shopping bag (but any heavy weight paper will work) and cut a series of identically-sized triangles along the folded side of the bag. You can work with any size – I made most of mine about 2 inches in height.

I glued the sides together to create a 3-dimensional tree (or a rocket, as my son described it).

I painted the sides with white and green paint in a very messy manner.

Once the paint dried, I cut the edges to create the fringe.

I made a small batch to arrange on the table, but …

I think I’ll end up using them to wrap presents, like this:


12 thoughts on “Fringed Paper Tree Village

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  4. These are quite cute. I imagine you could make them from Christmas wrapping paper as well providing it’s heavy enough.

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