Mini Donut Love

Who loves donuts? Jenna does! Actually, we all love donuts. I received a mini donut maker last year for Christmas and had yet to find a recipe that produced anything other than a super-heavy, doughy, bagel-like donut. But we all love donuts, so I didn’t give up. I tried a new recipe this weekend and, finally, created a donut worth eating … and photographing. Jenna was pretty giddy from her donut-induced sugar high and thought it was hysterical to pop her head up from under the table every time I tried to take a picture of the stack of donuts.

Here’s the recipe. It’s intended for donuts baked in the oven, but it worked really well with the donut machine. I used cake flour instead of all-purpose flour and canola oil instead of shortening. Also, I covered them in sugar and cinnamon instead of making a glaze. The results aren’t fluffy and airy like fried donuts, but they have a nice cake-like texture. And they make us smile.


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