Our Gingerbread House

We decorated a gingerbread house earlier this week. Are gingerbread houses more of a Thanksgiving thing? A nearby grocery store started carrying pre-made houses around Thanksgiving, and I went to buy one this week only to find out that they don’t carry them anymore. What? Luckily, there was one left in the back. It wasn’t exactly in perfect condition, but I had promised J+J, so I happily paid full price for the leftover house. Then I loaded up on chocolate chips, marshmallows and frosting and headed home. We removed all artificial dyes from our kids diets at the start of the year, so activities like this can sometimes be a challenge. Even most marshmallows have dye in them, but I’ve found dye-free versions at Walmart and Whole Foods. Judging from their reactions, and the way Jenna continued to work on the house throughout the day, I don’t think they were disappointed by the lack of rainbow colors. We’ll definitely be doing this again next Christmas … or Thanksgiving.


5 thoughts on “Our Gingerbread House

  1. I do believe! Santa will be so pleased to give you flowers for Christmas.
    He thinks that is the most beautiful Gingerbread house He has ever seen.
    I agree. I will copy your idea, if you don’t mind? Have a very Merry Christmas
    and a wonderful new year! Love, Aunt May

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