Friday Favorites

Hope you have a wonderful weekend planned. We’ll be enjoying the remaining days of our vacation and enjoying a low-key family NYE celebration. Not sure if J+J will make it till midnight, but this is the first year that we’re going to let them try. Something tells me they’ll outlast us this year.

Here are a few favorites from my week:

  • I got a new lens for my camera this Christmas, so I’m more determined than ever to shoot in manual mode. This visual guide to achieving certain effects is super helpful.
  • Do you have a 2012 calendar yet? I’ve got my eye on a few, including this one and this one.
  • Poppytalk’s round-up of this year’s most influential trends in art/design/craft is overflowing with inspiration. Lots to add to my to-do list for 2012.
  • Jenna received this painting set for Christmas and we use it nearly every day. I made the print above using the chevron-patterned roller.
  • I’m not big on making (or keeping) new year’s resolutions, but this list of creative resolutions is pretty cool and includes quite a few things I could probably achieve.

Happy New Year!


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