Alt Prep 101: Beyond the Fashion

I’m loving all of the blogland discussion around preparing for the Alt Design Summit. Design Crush has provided an awesome packing list template and Making It Lovely has even provided recommendations on what to put on said list – definitely considering #8, btw. But as a first-time attendee, I’m also wondering – and worrying about – all of the less glamorous items that should make it into my Hello Kitty suitcase. Just kidding, my HK suitcase is way too small for this trip.

I’m starting my own ‘don’t-forget-that’ list. Any chance you veterans of Alt past would help me out by adding to the list?

Here’s what I have so far:

I’m not taking a laptop on this trip (shoes take priority over computer), but I’d like to be able to transfer my photos from my camera and post them on my blog during the trip. Not sure when I’ll have time for this, but that’s the plan for now. Enter my husband’s iPad, which he is loaning to me for the conference (yay, Joe!). In order to transfer the photos, I’ll need the Apple camera connector kit. I’ll also need my charger and an extra supply of batteries for my flash.

I know, this is no where near as interesting as sparkly things for the Winter Wonderland party, so I won’t be offended at all if you want to jump to this post.

I *may* have bought a  pair of 4-inch heels for this trip. It’s a conference so we’ll be sitting most of the time, right? Just in case I have do things like stand and walk, I’ll be packing a set of Foot Petals, which I’ve never used before but I’ve heard are amazing. I’m almost always cold, so go-with-everything scarves like this one will come in handy, and I’m expecting lots of dry skin to result from the cold Utah weather, so a rich moisturizer and lip balm are also musts.

So I’ve already heard that business cards are essential, but I’m also thinking about bringing a small pouch for all of the business cards I collect along the way. In addition, I’ll likely have a stash of Moleskine journals with me at all times. Yes, I know there’s an app for that, but I’m a paper person. I just am.

I’m also putting iPhone and iPad apps in this category even though it’s not so much a thing to pack as a thing to prepare. I’m doing a bit of research this week on apps that might come in handy at a conference. Bump and Lanyrd are in the maybe group so far, but I’d love additional suggestions.

So, what essentials are you packing?


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