Alt Outfits, Maybe

Over the weekend I started trying on outfits for the Alt Design Summit. All of the talk on Twitter had me worried that I wasn’t putting enough thought into my wardrobe, so I decided I needed a trial run.

I learned a couple of things during this exercise:

1. I’m really bad at taking pictures of myself. Centering and focusing became somewhat optional, more so as I continued to move through outfits. All this time reading Joslyn’s ‘An Outfit Deconstructed‘ posts had me thinking it was easy, but clearly I need a workshop on how to document my wardrobe. Maybe a topic for Alt 2013?

2. I love playing dress up just as much as my daughter, who, btw, participated in the above photo shoot by dressing up as a monster and referring to me as ‘the princess’ while she ran around trying to capture me. What can I say, I just went with it. If you see someone at Alt wearing a paper crown, it’s probably me.

3. I need more accessories. More. Enough said.


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