Hanging 3-D Paper Heart Strands

I think I’ve created a bit of a monster in Jenna. As soon as she heard that it would be Valentine’s Day soon, she immediately wanted to know when we were going to “do the decorations.” I didn’t want to disappoint, so this weekend we did just that – the decorations. I suppose it’s not February 1st, but at our house, we’ve officially kicked off the Valentine season.

As far as decorations go, we’ve added a series of hanging heart strands to our kitchen eating area. Here’s how I made them:

I started by making a batch of 27 paper hearts, each identical in size (about 4 inches in height).

Next I took 2 paper hearts and glued half of 1 heart to half of the other heart.

I glued a third heart to the first 2, again only glueing half of the heart.

I cut a piece of string approximately 4 feet long and place one end of the string along the seam of the unglued sides of the hearts.

I glued the final 2 sides of hearts together, forming a 3-dimensional heart.

I created another 3-dimensional heart, and attached it to the string approximately 4 inches above the first heart. I repeated this until I had 3 hearts per strand and made 3 strands total.

I attached the strands to our kitchen eating area, but you could also hang them from the ceiling.


9 thoughts on “Hanging 3-D Paper Heart Strands

    • Hi Phoebe! It’s great to hear from you.

      I folded a piece of paper and cut the first heart by hand. After that, I used the first heart to trace a shape onto each sheet of paper so that the hearts were all the same size.

      Thanks for visiting!

  1. I’m working on this project with my kiddo’s today…but we didn’t have scrapbook paper. We did, however, have a nice ream of white paper…

    we spent time earlier this week making random designs…hearts and swirls and scribbles, and lines…all in tones of red/pink/violet on the blank paper. We used crayons and markers and colored pencils…basically, we “created” our own papers!

    I cut them out this morning and it’s amazing how a simple thing like thin-and-thick lines in a variety of pink tones looks once it becomes a heart-shaped cut-out!

    Looking forward to completing this project…thanks for a *wonderful* inspiration. I might even put up the pics of the finished project on my blog…we’ll see!


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  3. This is so cute! I love to make things like this too. I made a little mobile for my son’s room using paper and card. I have just started my own blog in which I will include crafts that I make at home too!

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