Souvenir Foto School

I’ve been thinking about taking a photography class for awhile, and I’m pretty excited to be starting my first online class tomorrow: Souvenir Foto School. The class isn’t a technical/how-to-use-your-camera class, and while I think I need to learn a bit more in that area, this class sounded like much more fun. Our assignment will be to submit a photo each day that corresponds to a letter of the alphabet, eventually working through the entire alphabet. I’m hoping to get feedback on the technical aspects of my photos and also improve my composition and creativity a bit.

To narrow down the amount of thinking I have to do to come up with an idea for ‘what best represents the letter C?’ I’m thinking about working around a theme – like colors, nature, food or something like that. Hopefully this will make it easier to choose a subject to photography each day. I don’t have a lot of extra time in my days, and I’d like to spend what little time I have taking pictures – not thinking about taking pictures. In fact, I can already see myself trying to combine my photo assignment into activities already in my schedule. For example, wearing a pair of red shoes because the letter of the day is R or serving eggplant for dinner because the letter of the day is E. Perhaps this will be a lesson in photography and efficiency. We’ll see how it goes.


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