Photo Class Update

I’m loving my photo class, even if it is REALLY hard to finish my homework. Each day I’m required to submit a photo that represents a letter of the alphabet. I’ve been working around a color theme to help make my daily ‘what should I shoot today’ decision a little easier. Maybe that’s working, but maybe not. I definitely spend a lot of time thinking about what to photograph and how to photograph it.

Regardless, I’m pretty happy with the results so far. Here are a few from the past couple of days:

Y is for Yellow

This is my favorite shot so far. Since I’m at work during the day, it’s been a challenge has been to shoot with natural light. On this day, I was working from home and able to snaps a few pics in the kitchen near the windows. I used a strand of mini lights that I purchased during the holidays to create the bokeh effect in the background.

P is for Pink

I shot this one at the Fort Worth botanical gardens on Saturday. I was excited to be able to finally shoot an assignment outside, but when I arrived at the gardens there was very little color to be found. As I was driving away, however, I spotted a couple of cherry blossoms and quickly pulled over to take a few pictures.

R is for Red

This is a pretty typical indoor shot for me. I have to work fast to keep the kids out of the pictures, but it’s also pretty cute when they sneak in anyway. The whole family got involved in shooting these radishes. My husband was adjusting (and sometimes holding) the white foam board that served as a backdrop, and J+J were asking an endless string of questions about this mystery food. Radishes? Are they spicy? Do they have dye? Can I touch them? After the shoot, they each ate several radishes. Pretty funny – because I’m sure if I tried to serve radishes for dinner they’d want nothing to do with them.

W is for White

Ah, Mondays. I set up this shot the night before to save myself time. Monday mornings are pretty hectic, and by evening I’m usually exhausted. So I shot this one early and worked it into a part of my morning routine that I was sure not to leave out – morning coffee! Unfortunately, there was barely any natural light this early in the morning so I did a lot of post-processing to remove the yellow-ness of the artificial light, and I also ended up lightening and desaturating the image to soften it a bit.


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