Little Miss Mud Face

I think most parents have heard the advice that it’s never good to have too much of a reaction when your kids do something wrong, even if it’s actually REALLY, REALLY funny.

Last night I came home from work and my husband and the kids were already home. J+J were playing in the backyard, and my husband was in the kitchen. Just as I walked out the backdoor to say hi, I saw Jason running up behind Jenna, hands overflowing with mud. Before I could scream NO (again, probably going against the ‘reaction’ advice), he covered Jenna’s face in mud. My husband walked outside seconds later, saw the look on my face and immediately told me not to laugh. Ok, I said, but can I get the camera?

How could I not take a picture of that face?


3 thoughts on “Little Miss Mud Face

  1. Moments such as these, you will always remember. They grow up too quickly. Enjoy every minute, even if they can be trying at times. Have s super day.

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