Weekend Top 5: Out and About

We finally broke our streak of being homebodies all weekend and ventured downtown to the Fort Worth Science and History Museum. We hadn’t been in a couple of months, so Jason and Jenna were pretty excited to be at “the dinosaur museum,” a surprising nickname for them to assign given that we rarely go to the dinosaur room.

On Sunday I went out on a mini adventure of my own. Earlier in the week I mentioned that my context (home/work/suburbs) limits my ability to find new and interesting things to photograph. My husband disagreed, which I took as a challenge of sorts. So out I went into my part suburban/part rural neighborhood in search of new subject-matter. Although I was pretty happy with a few of the pictures, nothing corresponded to my daily class assignments (which are based on a letter of the alphabet) so in the end, I didn’t use any of the images for my class. But I was happy to take on the challenge.

Energy exhibit at the museum

Hanging out with daddy and kitty

J+J’s favorite exhibit: the elevator

In our neighborhood, across from our brand new Starbucks

More scenes from the neighborhood


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