Wall of Art

Jenna’s room received a mini makeover this weekend. She’s become quite the prolific little artist, and I decided to update the framed art in her room to incorporate some of her (and Jason’s) latest work. I was able to complete the entire project for about $50, since we already had 2 frames and I was able to pick up 6 additional frames for about $35 at Michaels (on sale for $5 each). I also purchased a large batch of 3M picture hanging strips.

Jenna helped me pick out and frame her favorites pictures. Next, I tried a couple of layouts on the floor in front of the wall. The wall has 2 small dressers at different heights, so I wanted something that would fit the space of the uneven levels.

Then Jason and Daddy got to work, measuring, leveling and, the best part, shooting lasers across the room – definitely something Jason was eager to help out with.

And, finally, Jenna has a new wall of art:


2 thoughts on “Wall of Art

    • Thank you so much. I didn’t start out thinking it would be such a family activity, but it was nice that we all got involved and I like how the pictures illustrate that.

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