Photo Class Update: Week 3

Here are the recent pics from my A to Z photo class. I think I made a little bit of progress in my attempt to break out of my comfort zone.

L is for Light Pink

This is one of my favorite pics so far. I almost didn’t submit a photo for this day (we’re allowed 4 days off over the course of 30 days) but late at night I decided to take a few pictures. Our teacher had taken a gorgeous image of some flowers looking down into the vase, and I loved the perspective so I thought I’d try something similar. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any fresh flowers on hand, so I used some of the fake flowers that I got Jenna for Christmas.

M is for Maroon

I took this picture of our crepe myrtle tree outside of our house at sunset and then decided to play around with some different textures, mostly in an effort to try something new. I wasn’t that thrilled with this one, but was surprised by the positive comments from my classmates. Maybe I misjudged this one, or maybe my classmates are trying to encourage me to continue down my path of ‘newness.’

D is for Dark Purple

I worked quite a bit on a totally different image this day and even ended up submitting it despite my hesitation. Later in the afternoon, I stopped at the grocery store where I found an entire cart filled with $1 orchid boutonnieres. I couldn’t scream ‘do-over’ fast enough.

K is for Kelly Green

During our visit to the museum this weekend, we happened upon this great backdrop/chair setting. Jenna was willing to sit in the chair, but was much less willing to be photographed. I snapped this one pic before she turned away from the camera completely.

Q is for Quartz

I tried really hard on this day to do something new. I drove around my neighborhood looking for interesting patterns, views, buildings, etc. I live in a mostly suburban but still somewhat rural area outside of DFW, so ‘interesting’ was no small challenge. I managed to take a few pictures I liked, but then realized I couldn’t match the images to a letter/color combo (which is part of the assignment). So I ended up right back in my comfort zone, shooting a close-up of some beads.

A is for Aqua

We had been discussing the use of masking in class, so I thought I would experiment a bit with a part color/part black and white image. I don’t like the perfect symmetry of this picture and would have like to get a closer shot of the entrance, since I think it frames the background landscape really well, but the barn is fenced off and you can’t get any closer.


2 thoughts on “Photo Class Update: Week 3

  1. I agree! I like the (bahrn) photo. Photos of barns are favorites to a large group of people.
    I think the color aqua is (BYOO-tuh-ful), lovely; pretty; nice to look at. Keep up the good
    work. P.S. Hi J and J.! It was a pleasant day to sit a spell in a yellow chair. Jason, did you have a go? Aunt May

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