Photo Class Update: Week 4

My class is almost over! I’ve really enjoyed focusing on my photography these past few weeks, and I will definitely miss having a photography support group. It’s pretty awesome to upload a photo each day and then check back throughout the day to read all of the positive comments from fellow students. And while it has been hard to find time each day to set up, shoot and process an image, I think the rigor of having daily assignments has definitely improved my photos.

Here’s my latest batch of pics:

H is for Hot Pink

Z is for Zinc

J is for Jade

U is for Umber

T is for Turquoise

X is for X-Ray


6 thoughts on “Photo Class Update: Week 4

  1. From what you are posting, it appears you are a good student 🙂
    So much to learn with photography. It’s a great hobby.

  2. Love these pictures! I started following your blog recently, mostly because of the lovely photographs you post. Is this photo class a town/college type photo class or is it an online one? I’ve been looking into taking photo classes as well. They seem totally worth it but I’m just not willing to shell out the money for it, haha.

    • Thank you!
      The class is an online course and it’s mostly self-directed. The main value for me has been hearing everyone’s feedback on my images, hearing how others set up their shots and taking part in the discussion groups, which provide more tutorial-type info. It’s not so much a traditional class (and it’s not about learning how to use a camera), but I like that you can be as involved as you want to be on any given day. Some days I have time to focus on it a lot, other days not so much.
      Here’s a link if you want to the photographer who offers the classes – it’s not very expensive at all:

  3. I love your blog! I am a new Mommy and a new blogger and I find everything you post to be inspiring …Thank you Thank you! By the way..I really love the “A is for Aqua”! It’s my favorite, especially since it must have been hard to see such a lovely color theme in the winter!

    • Wow – thank you so much! And, yes, Texas is really monochromatic this time of year. Next time I’ll definitely sign up for a spring class.

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