Photo Class Wrap-Up

My photography class wrapped up last week and I’m happy to announce that my ‘H is for Hot Pink’ was selected as the photo with the ‘Biggest Color Impact.’ Yay!! I had a hard time choosing which image to submit on that day and almost submitted a slightly different image taken in the same building (see below).

Several other prizes were awarded, including Best Series (a tie between this and this). So many great photos, I can see why the judges had a hard time choosing.

H is for Hot Pink

H is for Hot Pink (alternate image)

One of the best parts of the class was seeing and learning from the work of my classmates. I thought I would share a couple of my favorites:

I love the use of light in every photo by Intertwyned Photography, so it was hard to choose a favorite, but here are my top two:

S is for Sunlight by Intertwyned Photography

A is for Apple by Intertwyned Photography

Penelope Press created an entire series based on a printing theme. I love old typewriters, so this one is an immediate favorite:

K is for Keys by Penelope Press

I love all of Lil Mama Stuart‘s Chicago urban scenes, maybe because I lived there a long, long time ago, but this image I just couldn’t get over – something about the grittiness of the street contrasted with the softness of the lights in the distance. Much more beautiful than the Chicago I remember …

Y is for Yellow Lines in the Financial District by Lil Mama Stuart


6 thoughts on “Photo Class Wrap-Up

    • Thank you! I’m sad to see it end too, and I’m definitely going to sign up for another soon. Thanks for visiting!

  1. Love your photographs! What lens/lenses do you use? I recently bought a cannon rebel and I’m trying to learn about the different lenses.

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