Gardening, Almost

Every Spring, I become convinced that this is the year I will finally start a garden. This year is no exception. In fact, with the 80 degrees temperatures we’re already seeing in Texas, I think I’ve started my garden obsession even earlier. On Sunday, I took J+J out to buy a few plants at the hardware store. Our backyard needs some prep work before we can start planting, but I wasn’t up for that much work (you can see why the whole garden thing never really pans out) so I thought we’d start small with some potted plants for the patio.

We had a pretty good time, mostly due to the fact that I also let J+J dig in the backyard, something I almost never let them do. But since we still need to dig up everything from last year, I decided I might as well put them to work.

Needless to say, Jason was pretty excited to have access to this gardening tool and put in a fairly impressive effort.

Jenna also loves getting her hands dirty but definitely prefers planting to plowing.

They also took quite a few water breaks. There were breaks for spraying water and …

breaks for splashing in the water.

The best part, however, was watching them work together.

They make a pretty good team. Maybe someday I’ll have that garden afterall.


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