A Birthday Tea Party: Making Paper Flowers

Preparations for Jenna’s 4th birthday party are underway. Jenna has loved playing tea party for quite a while, and now that she’s become interested in the Alice in Wonderland story, it’s no surprise that she’s requested a tea party theme for her birthday. My plan is to keep it pretty simple – a table filled with children’s teacups, tiny cakes and oversized paper flowers in the backyard and, of course, a game of croquet.

I started working on the paper flowers this weekend. Wow, they are pretty time-intensive, and I’ve only finished two so far. I’m already thinking of how to best mix paper and real flowers.

I created two petal patterns (one large, one small). For each flower, I  cut out 10 large petals and 8 small petals in contrasting papers. For each petal, I glued two petal shapes together using decoupage glue and then coated the outer sides with glue to make them sturdier.

Once the petals were dry, I arranged the large petals into a flower shape and used floral tape to secure them on the bottom side. I repeated this step for the smaller petals.

I generously glued the area near the tape to make them sturdier and less floppy.

I cut a circle using a 1 1/2 inch paper punch and glued that to the center of the smaller petals.

Next, I glued the smaller petals to the larger set of petal to form the flower.

Once everything was dry, I attached a wooden dowel using tape. (Note: I started out trying to attach individual petals to the dowel but found that securing them first – as shown in step 2 – was much easier.)

I covered the entire dowel with floral tape.

And, finally, the paper flowers are done. Two of them, at least!


2 thoughts on “A Birthday Tea Party: Making Paper Flowers

  1. Never let it be said that you don’t have alot of patience. Bet the party will be a hit! Have fun and I look forward to seeing the party pictures 🙂

    • Ha – let’s see how many flowers I actually complete in time for the party. Not sure I have that much patience left in me.

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