Friday Favorites

Easter is happening so suddenly this year. Usually as soon as one holiday is over J+J are begging for the next holiday, causing us to decorate weeks in advance and start every day by answering the question “how many days until (holiday)?”  I think we started our countdown to Easter on Wednesday night, and I have to say it was pretty nice to be able to say ‘4’ instead of ’30-ish.’ Guess it’s time to put up some decorations.

Before I get started, here are a few favorites from my week:

  • After all of the recent articles about how much better the French are when it comes to raising children, I definitely enjoyed reading this.
  • I’d love to try this project with J+J, but they never seem to like messy crafts as much as I do.
  • Definitely bookmarked this post about shopping in Paris.
  • Our collection of mismatched plastic Easter eggs grows every year. Problem solved.
  • My kids would love this.

Happy Weekend!


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