Maps and Treasures and Easter Adventures

Between my love of Parisian maps, Jenna’s recent obsession with drawings maps and the new GPS device in our car, we seem to be a bit map-crazy at our house these days. Jenna’s maps are often of our neighborhood, documenting (in a very abstract manner) the route to school, to the pool, to our house, etc. But J+J also associate maps with treasure hunts. And so all of this thinking about maps got me thinking about our annual Easter egg hunt tradition, and I decided to turn it into a treasure hunt of sorts, using, of course, a map.

I haven’t worked out all of the details yet, but when J+J wake up on Sunday morning, they will each receive a map of our backyard instead of Easter baskets. To find their baskets, they’ll need to follow the map, and then continue on to hunt for eggs and, finally, the breakfast treasure (probably pancakes, their current favorite).

Oh, and of course I have to show you a couple of Jenna’s recent map drawings. I LOVE these!


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