Weekend Top 5: Easter

Yay – I finally made natural dyes for our eggs this year! And it was much easier than I expected. I was really happy with the results, but J+J were less than thrilled with the amount of time they had to leave each egg in the dye. Jason’s face in the first picture just about sums up their reaction. I used an egg timer to try to turn it into a game, but Jason only dyed two eggs and then moved on to more exciting pursuits. Other Easter activities were more successful, including making cookies, an Easter egg hunt and, my favorite, brunch on the patio.

How much longer?

Daddy prepared french toast on the grill. Hopefully a new annual tradition.

Jason won the Easter egg hunt by a landslide.

Jenna enjoys pretty egg dishes. But eggs? Not so much.

Splashing in the rain puddles.


4 thoughts on “Weekend Top 5: Easter

  1. Great Easter pics!

    We used natural dye for our eggs as well. We used a method that calls for boiling the eggs and coloring at the same time. Results were mixed. A couple green tea bags and a sprinkling of ground cumin resulted in beautiful yellow eggs. Boiling spinach for green eggs did not achieve the desired effect so we smeared on some canned blueberries and quickly achieve a beautiful blue. Our third color was to be a pink using cranberry juice…perhaps I just did not use enough. Some fresh strawberries were smeared on and the result was a mauve like color.

    As I drink tea this year, I am going to take good note of color. I think that raspberry zinger and passion teas would result in beautiful shades of pink. And I will say I love getting the boiling and coloring done at once. My 3 year old was happy to simply put in the dye ingredients and to wake up to see the results…she will likely want to doper next year so I will have to figure that out!

    • We used beets for our pink eggs and that worked really well. I would love to boil/color at the same time, but I think my kids would be disappointed. They were already a bit disappointed that the eggs had to sit in the dye for so long – usually 5-10 minutes per egg. I like the tea idea too – I’ll have to pay attention to what teas have the darkest colors.
      Thanks for sharing!

  2. Great ideas and lovely photos! My daughter also doesn’t like eggs, thing is, she loved them a couple of years ago and now she doesn’t it them anymore…

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