Friday Favorites

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I’ve started using my own photos for my Friday Favorites posts. The post is pretty much about other people’s stuff that I like, so it seemed okay to grab images from around the web that also fell into that category. I tried to provide accurate attribution, but more and more I started to wonder if that was enough. There’s been a lot of discussion lately – mostly sparked by the success of Pinterest – about the reproduction of other people’s artistic work. So, instead of wondering if I’m just inside the edge of acceptability, I’ve decided to just be original. Hope you don’t mind!

The shot above is one of many teacups that I’ve recently purchased for my daughter’s upcoming birthday party. I love teacups, so be prepared to see lots of them around here in the coming weeks.

And now back to other people’s stuff that I love:

  • Something like this in our backyard would be perfect for Jenna’s tea party. Unfortunately, it requires a large tree.
  • Wonder if I have the guts to try this outdoor project with J+J.
  • I think I found my summer wedges.
  • You have until April 15th to submit your vote for Dwell’s Lego Modern Home design competition. I’m still deciding between this one or this one.
  • I heart this.

Happy Weekend!



7 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. It’s nice you are putting “your own touch” on your blog with your photos. I love teacups too 🙂 Have a fabulous Friday.

    • I found it at an antique mall near my house. Unfortunately, they only had one. I’m going for a mismatched teacup thing for my daughter’s party so I guess that’s ok. But I think I would have bought more of these if they had them. The bottom of the cup says ‘Fire King’ so maybe I can track down more on eBay. Collecting teacups – I think I have a new hobby.

      • For Jenna’s party, I rather prefer mismatched cups as her archetype tea party is from Disney’s Alice in Wonderland. Now, can I please wear one of those giant top hats to wear to the party?

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