Creative Captures Week 2: Crop in Camera

This week’s photo class assignment was to take two photos: one that had a distracting or less-than-ideal background and one, of the same subject, in which we improved the composition and focused on ‘cropping in the camera.’

I had planned on photographing my children for this assignment.  It seemed like the ultimate challenge since 1) they don’t stand still and 2) they have no concern whatsoever about what they’re standing in front of when I snap a picture. Turns out, this was too great a challenge and I returned to my comfort zone of the still life.

Here’s my before/bad background photo:

While this shot isn’t awful, it does have an unintentional ‘frame’ in the background caused by one of the windows in my kitchen. I take a lot of pictures in this room (because of the great light), and I’ve started to notice that a lot of my shots have this same background.

Here is my after/cropped in camera photo:

In this shot, I changed angles so that the background window doesn’t appear and I added the spoon for more visual interest. I like how the dots are in sharp focus in the foreground and then start to disappear into the background.

Here’s an alternate after photo:

I like the way the details of the pattern are in sharp focus in this shot. Something about the style of drawing seems very ‘Alice in Wonderland’ to me. I guess Jenna thought so too because when she saw them, she immediately asked if they were Alice cups. I’m really starting to love collecting tea cups, btw. When Jenna’s tea party is over, I think I’m going to start using these cups for my morning coffee. They make me smile.


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