Sun Photos

Have you ever made sun prints? I think I tried this in high school during my first photography class. Sun prints (also known as cyanotypes) were discovered in the 1840s and were used by botanist (and first female photographer), Anna Atkins, to document different forms of algae. Her prints are pretty amazing.

I recently bought a kit to try with J+J, and Jenna loved it. I think she pretty much loves anything that involves collecting leaves and flowers. The process is really simple. I used this starter kit, but I think you can just buy the paper and use any acrylic/glass surface (the glass from a picture frame would work great) to hold the items down while the print is forming.

Here’s how it works.

First, you place the leaves (or whatever you’re using to make the print) on top of the paper and place the acrylic on top.

Once the paper turns a light blue (1 – 5 minutes), remove the leaves and acrylic and place the paper in water for several seconds.

Then let it dry. Super easy.


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