Ikea Hack Toadstool

I’m planning a photo booth for Jenna’s upcoming Alice in Wonderland birthday party, and I definitely wanted to include a toadstool among the props. A cute toadstool (such as this one from Anthropologie) can cost quite a bit, so my husband made this one out of an Ikea stool that we already had on hand. Now I just need to add in this set of photo props and our photo booth is ready!

From This:

To This:


2 thoughts on “Ikea Hack Toadstool

  1. There is a “Toad-ally Cute” toad house at etsy.com/shop/annemariespottery.
    Also, about S’MORES -did you know the big marshmallows soften more evenly
    when cut in half? The first S’MORE was in the 1927 Girl Scouts handbook.
    Your granma could cook all the Scout recipes excellantly. -Love, Aunt May

    • I wish I had thought of that. J+J expect their marshmallows to be done after about 30 seconds of holding them over a flame, so cutting them in half would be faster too!

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