Creative Captures Week 4: Color/Pattern

Last week’s photo assignment was to explore the use of color and shoot something that features color as the main aspect of the image. I started the week super excited about the assignment – meaning I thought it would be easy – but as the week continued and I wasn’t happening upon any amazing color combinations, my enthusiasm faded.

I ended up staging a shot at home, which I guess worked out to my advantage because I combined the primary assignment with the bonus assignment of shooting a pattern. I like how the pattern is reflected on the surface of the creamer.

I shot a few other pattern photos over the course of the week, including this tree image from my weekend visit to the botanical garden:

While at the garden, I also started to see leading lines everywhere. I wasn’t that happy with my fence assignment from Week 3, so I decided to try again. Here are a few of my second attempts:

There’s only one week of my class left. I better make it a good one!


5 thoughts on “Creative Captures Week 4: Color/Pattern

  1. The staged shot with the coffee mug is fantastic!! You did a great job with the color schemes and depth. Thanks for posting!

  2. Hey, girl! You do well. Your phots and life bring light that shines.
    This is our beloved, niece and we are well pleased. Keep seeking
    those terrific shots. I hope you have a great weekend. I’m so excited
    about your trip. Love, Aunt May

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