I Heart: Paris Blogs

Over the past few weeks, planning for our Paris trip seems to have fallen to the bottom of my to-do list. But with only a couple of weeks before our vacation, I’m finally starting to knock a few things off the list. I ordered our museum passes and our metro passes and now I’m turning my attention to the fun stuff, which mostly falls into the categories of food, shopping and photography. In planning our last trip to the city of lights, we relied almost exclusively on travel guide books to come up with our list of where to go, what to see. This time around, I’ve turned my attention to the blogland, and I’ve definitely found some wonderful resources. I’m especially drawn to sites that capture amazing details of the city (Little Brown Pen), those featuring gorgeous food (Lost in Cheeseland) and those with vegetarian restaurant recommendations (Paris by Mouth).

Here are my top five so far:


3 thoughts on “I Heart: Paris Blogs

  1. Have fun in Paris. How was the tea party? Did I miss your blog and photos of it?

    • Thank you!
      No – you didn’t miss it. Jenna’s party is in 2 weeks. I always start planning way in advance. Guess I’m just a planner …

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