Friday Favorites

Me and my mom (in the 70s)

Some favorites from my week:

  • It’s mother’s day weekend, so maybe your family members will sport one of these in your honor.
  • J+J would love to have this in our neighborhood.
  • I’ll be using this how-to to help me pack for our upcoming vacation.
  • I thought this was an interesting summary of the mommy blogger phenomenon.
  • I always love a low-tech take on high-tech toys.
  • What if Instagram became a real camera?

Happy Mother’s Day Weekend!


2 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. Be doubly blessed this Mother’s Day! You are, no matter your age or the ages of your children, to be honored and blessed! The Lord has declared it to be so! I am blessed to have a wonderful sister and her daughter and grandchildren. Keep giving your loving counseling and instructions. I have always loved this picture of you and your mom.
    Love, Aunt May

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