Friday Favorites: Paris Shopping

We’ve had a great week in Paris, and I have to admit, one of the best parts has definitely been the shopping. It’s so much fun to explore the city and find new things. Although I made a list of stores to visit (Merci, COS, and Le Petit Atelier de Paris among them), most of our shopping has been more about happening upon a place by accident than following an itinerary. And that’s definitely been part of the fun.

Here are a few of our favorite ‘discoveries.’


Located in the Marais, Fleux is my absolute favorite by far. It looks small from the outside, but inside is a vast array of home furnishings and design objects. If I were granted a spending spree in any store in the city, I would run immediately to Fleux.




Le Case de Cousin Paul

This tiny shop is located in Montmartre, just down the street from the apartment we rented. I wanted so much to buy Jenna a strand of lights here, but between the transport home and the necessary electricity conversion, it seemed a bit too complicated. But these lights are absolutely gorgeous and very reasonably priced.



Unlike most of my favorites, BHV is a large department store. In addition to clothing and housewares, however, they have an entire floor dedicated to office and craft supplies. I love my local Michael’s store, so you can bet I absolutely went crazy here. Even the most basic school notebooks are cool!




Muji is like a Japanese version of The Container Store, but with a better curated collection and an impressive focus on the tiniest of details. Like at BHV, I pretty much went crazy over the notebooks.

Happy Weekend!


2 thoughts on “Friday Favorites: Paris Shopping

  1. How funny- we became enamored with the light balls almost everywhere we went including the tiny shop you mentioned. But, alas, like you it was too costly to convert and stuff in suitcases…I’m sure we will see them in the US shortly.
    Great photos!

    • Thanks, Shannon. Yes, we reached the same conclusion, though I have to admit I really wanted these! It would be great to find them here … maybe someday.

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