Weekend Top 5: Back Home

After 14 hours in the air and a 9-hour car drive, we’re finally back home! Memorial Day was spent relaxing and doing chores, but we also managed a quick visit to the neighborhood spray park and enjoyed a home-cooked meal – our first in over a week. So good to be home!

Some of our Paris bounty

Jenna and Daddy make a map of Paris

Jenna’s Souvenir: Play Macaroons

Battle at the water park

Grilled Veggies


4 thoughts on “Weekend Top 5: Back Home

    • Yes, they are chocolates. They’re actually made in Belgium, not France, but I loved the packaging so much that I had to buy them!

    • Hi Susan,
      This is the first time I’ve ‘met’ a neighbor via my blog! That’s awesome. We’ll be at the pool and/or spray park every weekend, so maybe we’ll meet in person soon. Thanks for visiting!
      – Julee

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