Versailles: The Details

One of my favorite parts of taking photos during our recent trip was definitely capturing the details. We rented a wide-angle lens for the trip (which produced great overview shots like the one above), but I’m a Nifty-Fifty girl at heart, and in looking back through my photos from the trip, the detail shots definitely emerge as my favorites. Something about the way the lens captures detail and light conveys the age and beauty of the monuments better than anything.

Here are a few examples of the detail shots I took at Versailles:

And I couldn’t post about Versailles without mentioning this delicious detail: Angelina, home of the world’s best hot chocolate, has a location inside the palace. It was in the 80s the day of our visit (and the cafe wasn’t air conditioned), but I still couldn’t resist ordering a hot chocolate.


5 thoughts on “Versailles: The Details

  1. It is the small details that make life interesting. I love the delicate work on old brass doorknobs and hinges on the old doors in Europe. They can be very beautiful.

  2. Ah, Versailles. My sister currently lives down the street from the palace and the gardens. Lucky her! This is one of my favorite places. I particularly love the photo under the staircase shot; the one on the right. I’m not sure if that is part of a gate or fencing or what. Beautiful whatever it is. The gold color is perfectly elegant in this photo. Did you happen to try the hot chocolate in the cafe in the gardens? So good! Thick and rich and like none I’ve ever had before.

    • Yes, I did try the hot chocolate. It was amazing! The gold photo is part of the gate in front of Versailles. Your sister is so lucky! I think Versailles was our favorite part of our recent Paris trip.

      Thanks for stopping by,

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