Chalkboard Table DIY

Earlier this year I wrote about a blank space in our living room – the sometimes Christmas tree, sometimes play area space that we have yet to decorate. My plan was to buy a new chair and side table, but once again, playing has won out over decorating.

It started after Jenna’s birthday party, when we moved this table from the playroom to the backyard to serve as the main tea party table. After the party, we moved the table inside and, temporarily, placed it in the living room. I think carrying it upstairs seemed like too much work at the time. Since then it’s become the main space for playing and drawing, and I realized that I liked having a large table in the living room. This week I decided to convert the table into a chalkboard surface, which was surprisingly easy.

I started by cleaning the table and taping the edges of the table with painter’s tape.

I used Rust-oleum chalkboard paint and a small roller brush to cover the surface. The paint goes on very smoothly and dries to the touch in about 30 minutes. It’s also recommended that you wait 3 days before using chalk on the surface.

But, of course, that untouched surface didn’t remain for long. J+J covered nearly the entire surface in chalk as soon as I let them start drawing.


10 thoughts on “Chalkboard Table DIY

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    • It’s from IKEA. I don’t remember what the collection is called, but they have a mix-n-match option in the store that lets you select a tabletop surface and legs. We bought it 4 years ago, but I think I’ve still seen the same display in the store.

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