Friday Favorites

As far as favorites go, this gigantic beach ball brought by Grandma last weekend is probably at the top of the list of summer toys so far. You can kick it, throw it, chase it and roll your entire body over it. Definitely good times – for Jason, at least. It holds air about as well as your average balloon, so it’s a bit of work for Daddy to maintain.

A few other favorites from my week:

  • I took at least 40 pictures of the Eiffel Tower recently, so I think this craft is definitely in my future.
  • Call me a font geek, but I love this 44-day project.
  • This wallpaper is genius.
  • I’m definitely heading to Kinko’s to do this project over the weekend.
  • I’d love to have this for the pool.

Happy Weekend!


3 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. Happy Weekend!
    You are both so good at giving unconditional love and acceptance. Just like grandma.
    You never reject or make your kids or make them earn your love. Always ready to give
    good things. We love you!. I printed out some pictures to take over to Debi. She will love
    them. Today was our last day of school and my first fun thing I did was go and get a haircut.
    I love it when my hair feels good. I also enjoy your pictures, all of them. you make everything
    interesting and spiffy. Love, Aunt May

  2. Dads are known by many names. The Bible says that younger children just said “Abba,”
    an affectionate informal term, easy to learn and say. Whatever word we use, the attitude
    and affection should permeate our relationship.
    We are like children at the end of a long day. The only thing we want is our abba, our daddy.
    The yearning of our hearts are for Him.
    Noel Piper, in Treasuring God in Our Traditions. SMILE!

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