Home Project #2: Master Bedroom

Home project #1 was pretty much abandoned when we decided to place a large chalkboard table in our living room instead of a nice seating area, so we’ve opted to move on to Home Project #2: decorating our bedroom. We’re wasting no time on this one – it’s best to start painting the walls before we lose our courage.

Luckily, we’re starting with furniture that we really like, so our plan involves removing the carpet, painting and adding some accessories.

Here are a few things that will be staying in our room:

I’ve started collecting ideas for the new pieces we’ll need, and we’ve already chosen a paint color: Martha Stewart Cement Gray. I know, GRAY, we’re really going out on a limb! Here are a few other items of inspiration for the final decor:



3 thoughts on “Home Project #2: Master Bedroom

  1. One of the things we want to do in our living room is replace the builder-grade carpet with hardwood floors (or Pergo, as we have 2 dogs), and I’ve been admiring a similar rug (at Overstock)

    I like the chair and accessories that you’ve chosen – very fresh!

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