I Heart: Playing Outside

It’s already pretty hot in Texas, and it’s only going to get worse. It’s going to take some extra creativity this summer to lure my kids out of the a/c and away from their devices so I’ve started compiling a list of must-try outdoor activities:


3 thoughts on “I Heart: Playing Outside

  1. My son is a little older than your children, so none of those activities would interest him, but they look like fun things to try! I know what a struggle it is to get my 12 year old to spend time outdoors. Thankfully, he enjoys riding his bike, and he and a friend like to go fishing at the pond in Ninnie Baird park; he’s old enough, and I feel comfortable enough with our neighborhood, that he’s allowed to go out by himself (with his cell phone, of course!)

    • My children recently saw a few kids fishing at Ninnie Baird and they have been begging to go fishing ever since. No sure if they’re old enough to handle fishing rods, but I have a feeling that will be in our future soon.

  2. As long as you have the block of ice already…try sitting on the cube (or stand) and slide down a grassy hill.
    After they get board with the chipping and digging away for the sea creatures. It’s a blast! Better yet save the surf/sledding for another day. Look up sand sledding if you have a sandy beach near. What a trip. -Aunt May

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