Friday Favorites

We were without daycare this week, so my husband and I alternated days working from home so we could watch the kids and work. Not an easy situation for anyone, and most afternoons our children looked like this, lounging around on the couch watching cartoons and eating snacks. It seems as if summer has taken hold and we’ve skipped to the end when it’s too hot to play outside and we’ve grown bored of everything. Definitely suffering from a bit of cabin fever around here. But hopefully some pool time this weekend and a return to our regular schedule next week will cure that.

A few of my favorites from the week:

  • Several great ideas for summer gift baskets.
  • These photographs are pretty cool.
  • Color/white/vintage. So much to love about this styling.
  • So excited about Jason’s first lesson at School of Rock tonight.
  • Saw this recipe for Jell-O Blocks without the Jell-O (and all the artificial dyes that come with it). Hoping to try it this weekend.

Happy Weekend!



4 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. I’m so happy Jason is starting School of Rock! Every time I pass by it I think to myself, “Jason should go there!” But of course I always forgot to mention it to you. Good luck Jason!

    • I know – we drive by it all the time and always talked about stopping by. We finally did. It’s really cool in there. Jason took a trial drum lesson tonight to see if he liked it, and, of course, he did!

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