Summer Colors Week: Day 3 (Pink)

Finally, the day of my favorite color: Pink! Don’t forget, you can follow along with all of the Summer Colour Week photos on Flickr and see daily highlights on Poppytalk.

All images my own: 01/02/03/04/05/06


7 thoughts on “Summer Colors Week: Day 3 (Pink)

  1. Great pictures, and not just pink. Everyday you have had some beautiful pictures. I know that you do photography assignments which look a fabulous way to inspire and learn. I think I might start my own colour assignment a -z in colour. Just discovered instagram as well….love your blog, it has inspired me to look at things differently.

    • Rachel, thank you so much. I’ve just returned to my love of photography (after a nearly 20-yr break) and I appreciate hearing that its inspiring others as well. Instagram is so much fun – I love it! Hope you continue developing your photo skills.
      Thanks, again!

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