Weekend Top 5

It was a decidedly summer-y weekend, complete with hours lounging by the pool, an outdoor symphony performance, grilling and, of course, fireworks. I think Jenna said it best when she commented that “we had lots of sweets this weekend.” Yep, we sure did.

Concert in the Garden Series at the Fort Worth Botanical Garden

At the Concert

Fireworks at the Botanical Garden

Jenna Playing the Drums

Getting a Little Sleepy at the Pool


2 thoughts on “Weekend Top 5

  1. This is my fourth summer here in Fort Worth, but I have yet to make it to a single symphony in the park concert! As my husband works weekends, and our son is out of the country, it’s not much fun doing those things by yourself!

    It sounds (and looks!) like you and your family had a lovely weekend.

    • This was our first time attending the series, and I think it’s one of the best things we’ve done in the DFW area. A Beatles cover band played (backed by the symphony) and the performance was wonderful. It’s usually nearly impossible for us to do such things (with two young children), but we went with two other families and the kids played and kept themselves entertained the entire time. The access to lots of cookies, ice cream and candy didn’t hurt either 😉

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