Chalkboard Pot (And a Bedroom Makeover Sneak Peek)

Our bedroom renovation is moving along quite nicely. We painted the walls a medium gray color and we rearranged our furniture so that our bed no longer covers the bay windows. Despite the darker wall color, the room actually feels brighter and roomier. Today they’re starting on the flooring. Bye-bye carpet!

The only addition to the room so far is a large snake plant. I painted the pot with some of the leftover chalkboard paint from the table in our living room, so now Jenna has a favorite corner in the room – one she can decorate herself.


5 thoughts on “Chalkboard Pot (And a Bedroom Makeover Sneak Peek)

  1. Summer time and the readin’ is easy. Chalk drawing is fun and
    the book stack is high. There’s no shortage of movies to watch
    and songs to sing. Encourage J+J to stuff their lives with words,
    art, and music. Encourage them to explore a place they’ve never
    been before. It’s all there in the classics. Talking frogs and heroic
    dogs. Love-Aunt May P.S. Jenna you are beautiful!

    • Hi May,
      I hope you’re having a great summer! I bet Jenna looks so grown up to you. I think it’s been awhile since you’ve seen her. We’re definitely due for a trip soon!

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