Kids Love: Giant Canvas Painting

Jason is not the most art-inclined child. He’s much happier in the swimming pool, behind a Darth Vader mask or knee-deep in a pile of Legos. But every once in awhile, something artsy comes along that’s just too good to ignore. This weekend, we were doing a mini-makeover in our entryway, and my husband brought an old painting in from the garage. I had painted it several years ago, but didn’t like it much and was ready to toss it. Then I realized it was the perfect art project for J+J. They had a blast painting the giant canvas, and now, instead of throwing it out, I think we’re going to hang it up in our playroom.

Here are a few scenes from their paint fest:


2 thoughts on “Kids Love: Giant Canvas Painting

  1. Nice job!

    I took a fine art class a couple of years ago as part of my degree, and our final assignment was to create a piece of art – I didn’t realize how difficult it was to paint, so I admire anyone who has the talent to paint anything.

    What a great idea to hang their artwork in their playroom – if they get sick of it, they can paint over it!

    Have a great week!

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